If you want to unlock the full potential of your Samsung SM-G900P, then you need to consider installing the 4-files firmware. This guide will help you understand what the 4-files firmware is, why it is important, and how to install it on your device.

What is 4-Files Firmware?

The 4-files firmware is a type of firmware that contains four essential files: AP, BL, CP, and CSC. Each file serves a specific purpose in the functioning of your device. The AP (Application Processor) file contains the operating system and other software applications that run on your device. The BL (Boot Loader) and CP (Core Processor) files are responsible for booting up and managing the core functions of your device. Finally, the CSC (Consumer Software Customization) file contains customized settings and configurations based on your carrier and region.

Why is 4-Files Firmware Important?

Installing the 4-files firmware on your SM-G900P can be useful in several ways. First, it can help you update your device to the latest version of the Android operating system. This can improve the performance of your device, fix bugs, and add new features. Secondly, it can help you remove any restrictions imposed by your carrier. This means that you can use your device with any carrier of your choice, allowing you more freedom and flexibility.

Another benefit of installing the 4-files firmware is that it can help you recover your device if it gets stuck in a boot loop or becomes unresponsive. The firmware contains all the essential files needed to restore your device to its original state.

How to Install 4-Files Firmware on Your SM-G900P

Before you begin the installation process, make sure that you have backed up all your important data. Installing the firmware will erase all data on your device, and you won’t be able to recover it. Also, make sure that your device has enough battery life or is connected to a power source.

  1. Download the 4-files firmware for your SM-G900P from a trusted website.
  2. Extract the downloaded firmware files to a folder on your computer.
  3. Download and install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer.
  4. Put your SM-G900P into download mode by turning it off, then holding down the volume down, home, and power buttons simultaneously. When the warning screen appears, press the volume up button to enter download mode.
  5. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  6. Open the Odin flashing tool on your computer.
  7. Click on the AP button in Odin and select the AP firmware file.
  8. Click on the BL button in Odin and select the BL firmware file.
  9. Click on the CP button in Odin and select the CP firmware file.
  10. Click on the CSC button in Odin and select the CSC firmware file.
  11. Make sure that the “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” options are selected in Odin.
  12. Click on the “Start” button in Odin to begin the firmware installation process.
  13. Wait for the installation process to complete. This may take several minutes.
  14. When the firmware installation is complete, your device will automatically reboot.


The 4-files firmware can unlock the full potential of your SM-G900P, providing you with the latest Android operating system and more freedom to use your device as you like. Installing the firmware is easy if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. However, be sure to back up your data before beginning the process to avoid losing important files.