Drop a comment below to say how you get on or let us know your solutions to zwifting together. If all goes well, you should now be looking at two borderless windows, each running Zwift. I’ve had mixed success with getting the second trainer to connect via a Bluetooth dongle (I get the ‘no signal’ issue). Another option, if you don’t have two dongles, is to connect your second trainer via the Companion app. This works well, but locks you out from using Discord on your phone for your comms. utilizes responsive design to provide a convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size.

After taking the snip there are several tools for modifying the image. This will open the Snip & Sketch window with options for writing on, highlighting, erasing, and cropping areas of the image. The prtscn key is usually found between the F12 key and Scroll Lock key on the top row of your keyboard. It may be labeled something like “PrtScn,” “PrntScrn,” or “Print Scr” instead. On full-size keyboards, look above the Insert key. Loom screen recording Chrome extension.It’s the perfect tool for sharing feedback or communicating difficult things with remote coworkers, clients, or business partners.

Whether you need to save time on uploads, save money on storage, or create an entire video from scratch – if it’s anything to do with video, then Clipchamp is the best place to start. The D3DGear game recording function has little performance impact on the game, and may not cause game lag or high frame rate drops. It allows users to record gameplay in a movie without slowing down the game.

Method 2: Snip & Sketch

For convenience, ifPOWER is sent via scrcpy (via right-click or MOD+p), it will force to turn the screen off after a small delay . The physical POWER button will still cause the screen to be turned on. You can start several instances of scrcpy for several devices. Since Android 11, a Wireless debugging option allows to bypass having to physically connect your device directly to your computer.

  • TheWindowsClub covers authentic Windows 11, Windows 10 tips, tutorials, how-to’s, features, freeware.
  • To record your screen on a Windows 10 PC, open an app and then press the Windows + G keys on your keyboard.
  • And you have a backup that is accessible wherever you go.

It will automatically find the device IP address, enable TCP/IP mode, then connect to the device before starting. This will create a new video device in /dev/videoN, where N is an integer . Scroll down to the Live button at the bottom of the screen and hit the icon. Connect your webcam to your drivers download Windows PC. Connect the USB cable to an available port on your PC,and then install its software when prompted.

Using Windows 10 Multi-Display Function and Dual Monitor Taskbar

Let’s admit, when we are working with our computers, we usually have multiple windows open at once. Mostly, we work on a single Window at a time, but there are times when we need to back and forth between the two windows. Using the tutorial described above, snap your windows left and right then use Windows key + P and choose the extend feature. Sorry this functionality isn’t what you were looking for, cakeller98. I think you are looking for what may be called a “virtual monitor” or “virtual desktop” solution, which this post does not address.

Best Alternatives to Windows Snipping Tool

In this post, we looked at some free and powerful ways to record part of the screen on Windows 10 or Mac. We observed how you can record specific parts of the screen with inbuilt and third-party apps. Before recording, you are given three audio options to choose from. This is an advantage of this tool over the desktop one. This web tool’s minimalist interface will also appeal to you, as it greatly simplifies recording tasks. You can access HitPaw Online Screen Recorder via its official website.

Did you like this article or have something to add to our review? Feel free to share your personal feedback and ask questions in the comment section. Sign-up for an InVideo account if you haven’t already. Click on “Blank Canvas”, select a dimension, then click “Make a Video” to get started.


Naturally, it is impossible to access Ext4 under Windows if you’re running Linux and Windows OSes on the same PC. The Linux virtual workstations in Windows will use the ext4 file format. It will automatically detect any ext4 partitions on your computer. Remember to restart the machine before so that WSL is enabled properly, otherwise the Linux update package will show an error during installation.

If you have any issues or know any other methods to screenshot on Windows, do let us know in the comments. You can also open the app and click the New button in the upper left area to start taking a screenshot. You can access the tool with a shortcut key or by using the app. For desktop users, it’s not as handy as the two shortcuts above, but it is another way to screenshot in Windows 10. Choose which type of screenshot you want to take from the Mode menu, and then click New to begin your capture. Click to set any corner of the region you want to capture, and then drag to the opposite corner.

Written by Lake Washington Windows

Microsoft is back with a new version of Windows that’s designed to feel modern and easy to use. It’s worth remembering that Windows 11 is the first major upgrade to the software platform since the launch of Windows 10 back in July 2015, and so marks a crucial point for Microsoft. Gestures used with the trackpad of the Surface models are also coming to the touchscreen, bringing in some familiarity here. Haptics is also coming to Windows 11 when you use a stylus for better feedback when drawing or sketching. Many apps are being redesigned for Windows 11, such as the Photos, Snipping Tool and Paint apps, bringing them in line with the Fluent Design language. This is a relatively little known security feature, but it’s caused some people a fair bit of frustration as they’ve found they’ve been unable to install Windows 11.

  • The Game Bar has a screenshot tool that appears as an overlay on top of games.
  • After installation completion, you can start GParted through your desktop environment’s application menu.
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It has a total of 7 partitions from /dev/sda[1-4] being used for Microsoft Windows and /dev/sda[5-7] being used by my Linux Distro. The lock icon between partition and name shows that these partitions can’t be modified while running. The partitions can be modified by using a Live CD using another OS which doesn’t use these partitions. While I agree with you, it’s also ridiculous for an SD card to ship formatted with something other than FAT/FAT32.

Can I Mount A Linux Partition In Windows 10?

You can take a screenshot and automatically save it as a file, take a screenshot without saving it as a file, or take a screenshot of only one window . If you have dropbox installed then it will save your screenshot and back it up automatically after you press the PrtSc button. If you have a standard clamshell link laptop, you can also use the function key to take screenshots on Windows 10. Microsoft Edge users can also take screenshots of any web page they’re viewing and save it to OneNote or share it with other people using the notes feature. Another great thing about PicPick is that it allows you to set your own custom hot keys for all of its capture features.

Fluent Design is the new name for the look of Windows 11. Across the board everything looks more modern and fresh, with rounded windows and apps such as Snipping Tool seeing huge improvements in years. While there is still some room for improvement, Windows 11 is turning out to be a very promising update.


Don’t turn off your console during the installation. Interrupting the installation can cause your console to be damaged. When viewing a purchased or installed game they’re restricted from playing, the background image of the game is hidden. If you want to report something that someone in a party said, there are now visual indicators for you to identify who was speaking.

I’m the admin and founder of Windows Digital. I’ve been in the software industry for over 12 years, spending most of my time working with Windows operating system. My objective is to create a portal to help Windows users solve their PC problems. The recommended way to do this is to visit directly to the manufacturer website and search for your device’s driver from within the website. This way eliminates the risk of downloading an incorrect driver from other unofficial websites which may even be a malware. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only.

3. Installing on Linux

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  • The device uses the network interface card to connect to the router, which is connected to the internet.
  • To upgrade from cuDNN v7 to v8, refer to the Package Manager Installation section and follow the steps for your OS.
  • If you cannot find the right driver for your Network, you can request the driver and we will find it for you.

If you uninstall it, your system will install the driver automatically after a restart. These steps not working on my windows 7 laptop. Installed latest drivers for the adapter not solving the problem too. The system is not having any previous restore point saved either thus cannot even roll back. My issue was not with ethernet, but a Netgear adapter.

If you have a branded device, it’s always recommended to download the latest updates from their support website instead of Intel. Otherwise, your device might experience unexpected behaviors or missing configurations, or you may not be able to access all the intended features. Although the latest updates for drivers take some time to appear on Windows Update, it’s still the best approach to download and install them manually. In some cases, Windows Update can install drivers that aren’t available elsewhere.

Solution 4: Update WiFi Drivers on Windows 11 through Device manager

Display options—borderless output, flip, VU meters, tally, and more… Click “Forget All” to delete sender-initiated connections you’ve accepted. Obtain the TURN server’s URL and Port from your System Administrator, and enter them in the appropriate boxes. If your network environment or security regime blocks NDI Remote, a TURN server can solve the problem. Click the connection’s monitor icon to run Studio Monitor ready to receive the remote video.

Realtek, Linksys, TP-Link are some of the popular manufacturers of network adapter card drivers available in the industry. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through some of the most common yet effective methods that will give you a clear insight on “how to update network adapter drivers on Windows” computers. There is more than one way to update network drivers on Windows 10 and resolve network connectivity issues. Let us explore each of them in a step-by-step manner below. How frustrating it can be if your Windows system fails to connect to the internet? This, in fact, can be a potential problem after upgrading to Windows 10.


Sacramento is the state’s capital, while Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state and the second most populous city in the country. San Francisco is the second most densely populated link major city in the country. Los Angeles County is the country’s most populous, while San Bernardino County is the largest county by area in the country. California borders Oregon to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, the Mexican state of Baja California to the south; and has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean to the west.

  • (In my case, I have an Intel UHD Graphics 630.) If you see more than one name here, it means you have both an integrated graphics card and a discrete one.
  • You can also type device manager into the Cortana search bar.
  • Copy the .exe file to the network-disabled computer.

If you are planning to upgrade your NVIDIA graphics card or switch from NVIDIA to AMD, you might want to uninstall the drivers for your old NVIDIA graphics card. In the search box at the top, type the partial/full name of the driver you want to uninstall. In the DISM output, note down the Published Name (e.g., INF file name is”oem11.inf“) of the device driver you want to uninstall. The Microsoft PnP Utility (pnputil.exe) and DISM can be used to delete a device driver completely via command-line. Alternatively, you can launch “Programs and Features” (a.k.a. Add or Remove Programs appwiz.cpl) from the classic Control Panel and uninstall the driver software from there.

Microtek Drivers (Scanners)

The process here is the same for Windows 10 and Windows 7. After entering your sound card details, you’ll be able to download the correct and current driver. Using the information you find, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers for your network adapter and install them. In such a situation, how can one know which wireless adapter driver is needed?

And if you know about the specific corrupt driver, select it to run the Driver Verifier for it. Corrupt drivers are the source of errors and issues of your system especially the infamous Blue Screen of Death of BSOD. Every hardware installed on your system needs a driver to run and perform its relative functions properly.

How Risky is Updating Your BIOS? ( + Corruption Demonstration)

In a case which is shown in the picture below, it’s about”USB Serial Port “. Depending on a computer, the port can be named as COM3, COM4 and so on… Select “Remove driver and driver package” and click OK.

How long does it take to purge Windows update Cleanup?

Next, you hold the BROM button combo (you’ll have to experiment excluding Power button … This seems like a certification validation issue, you might not have a “Trusted root certificate” installed on the machine which is needed to verify a signature. Please be sure to Temporarily disable security settings like Antivirus, Firewall & UAC on your Windows operating system.